Indoor Digital Billboards

Stunning video, imagery, and live web content that keeps viewers engaged with your business while extending your visibility across metro-Atlanta.

What Are Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards are an eye-catching and powerful marketing tool to get your message in front of viewers in a way that demands attention. Affordable, content-rich, and incredibly easy to implement; digital billboards also reduce print and administrative costs.

Digital Billboards can accomplish a variety of tasks depending on your needs. It can showcase upcoming events, promote specials, and inform customers about your services. Since the digital billboard network is cloud-based, the displays are automatically updated with the most recent information.

What We Do

Mythos Media designs, builds, and implements your digital billboard content. Our cloud based service provides instant updates.

We give your business the ability to streamline communication, promote your services, while reducing your traditional print media costs.

As your trusted technology partner, we manage and support your digital billboard marketing while you remain focused on your core business.

Digital Billboard Features

Integrated feature-rich content and live digital media to attract attention and increase engagement.


Showcase your upcoming special events to increase attendance.

Food Menus / Specials

Bring more attention to specific menu items and special offerings.


Display the latest headlines from your favorite news outlet.

Live Video Streaming

Entertain visitors with custom live video feeds or your favorite live webcam content.


Entertain your customers with family friendly trivia videos.

Local Weather

Display the weather forecast for your location.

QR Codes

Visitors scan codes with their smartphones to open web links, play a video, send a text message, download a digital business card, and more!

Social Media

Attract more followers by automatically displaying your latest Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts.

Scrolling Text

Custom news ticker style text that will scroll across the screen.

RSS Feeds

Import live feeds from any outside RSS source to display as scrolling text or headline cards.


Local traffic alerts and incident reports around metro-Atlanta.

Live Slides

Google Slide presentations can display custom content that you can update at any time.  Your updates will be displayed on your signage within minutes.

Directory and Maps

Display a building directory or store map so guests can easily locate their destination.

Employee and Staff

Display workplace posts, HR information, OSHA information, and other official internal messages.

Today in History

Entertain visitors with daily history facts.

Price Comparison

Include a price comparison chart to show your price versus competitors.

Wifi Share

Highlight your guest wi-fi service on your screens.

Background Music

Stream live music channels to your monitor speakers.

Custom Widgets

Have something specific in mind?  We can code it!

Emergency Alerts

Display emergency alerts to keep visitors and staff informed.

How We Do It

Our digital billboards involve three main components:

Displays – You install one or more HDTVs in high visibility locations. Any HDTV with 1080p or 4K resolution, with HDMI input can be used.

Content – We work closely with you to design the layouts, shows, and schedules that will play on your digital billboards. We combine video, photos, text, and streaming content. Everything will seamlessly match your business brand.

Media Players – We supply you with a digital media player that connects to your HDTV and uses an Ethernet or Wireless connection to connect to our cloud-based services.

Affordable and Cost Effective

When considering a digital billboard solution, the cost has been the most common roadblock for businesses.  We take a more cost effective approach.

One-time Setup – Get started with a one-time setup cost based on the number of digital billboards you wish to use and the content you want designed.

Support and Maintenance – We keep the monthly support and maintenance cost extremely low. We manage all software updates and hardware replacements if your media player ever encounters major issues.  Business owners have the ability to reduce their maintenance to zero by enabling the local business ad network.

Indoor Digital Billboard Locations

See our digital signage system in action at these fine establishments across metro-Atlanta today!


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Our system is cost effective, which allows us to offer affordable pricing.

Digital Display Purchasing Guide

We go over recommendations and information on how to get started quickly.

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