How to Check Your Street View

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Check Your Business Listing

So what do customers see when they look at your business?  Have you checked?

Here are the steps to see exactly what your customers see.


Step 1. Find Your Business

Desktop: Go to Google Maps and search for your business.

Mobile: Open the Google Maps app and search for your business.

Be sure to search for your business name, not the address.

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Step 2. Open Your Street View

Desktop: Scroll down to find the photo section and select the Street View and 360° action button.

Mobile: Tap the Street View action button right above the business name.  The action button may also be found in the photo gallery.

The default Street View location linked to your business will be displayed.

How does it look?

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Street View Quality Check-List

Be sure to check the following important elements of your Street View.

  • Is your business the first thing customers see when entering Street View?
  • Is the imagery current or outdated?
  • Is your business signage, entrance, and parking clearly visible?
  • Is the Street View imagery poor quality from five+ years ago?
  • Is Street View completely missing from your business listing?
  • Did someone post a low resolution, unflattering, or inappropriate 360° photo to your business listing?
  • Would you like to extend the imagery into your business so customers can see inside?

We Can Fix It

Our virtual reality publishing will add incredible imagery to your Google Business listing and Street View.

All customer traffic goes to your business, which also improves your SEO ranking.

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