Digital Displays Purchasing Guide

Mar 20, 2020 | Indoor Digital Billboards

Finding the digital displays or monitors to use in your indoor digital billboards has never been easier or more cost effective.

We have created this guide so business owners can easily identify the displays they need and where to purchase them to launch their digital billboard project.

System Requirements

When choosing a digital display, please look for the following device specifications. Our media player requires these capabilities in order to display your content correctly.


Screen Resolution

  • Minimum: 1080p
  • Maximum: 4K UHD
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Not Supported: 720p and lower resolution displays.


Video Input

  • HDMI port.  This is the universal standard and we will supply the HDMI cable during implementation.
Mythos Media Digital Signage, System Requirements

Sound Options

HDTVs that include Alexa or soundbars built-in can be avoided as these features are not needed for the digital billboard system.

Power Requirements

Every digital billboard display will require TWO power outlets: One for the HDTV and one for our media player device.

Save time! We will get the displays for you!

We can locate, purchase, and bring the monitor displays to you for quick installation and activation!

Ask us for details and we will fast-track your indoor digital billboard installation.

Digital Display Screen Sizes

What size screens do you need?

The right screen size should be based on how far away your viewers are expected to be.  The larger the screen, the easier it is for viewers to see your imagery and read your content.


Our General Recommendations

  • Wall and ceiling displays that are further away or visible from a greater distance: 55″ and higher
  • Close-up wall and ceiling displays: 48″ to 50″
  • Close-up portrait/vertical wall or floor stand displays: 32″ to 43″
  • Close-up counter-top displays: 22″ to 24″


Product Dimensions

Keep in mind that screen size is measured from corner to corner.  The overall product size of the monitor (width x height x depth) will be different.

If available space is a consideration for your display placement, please be certain to check the product dimensions in the specifications prior to purchase.

Desktop Monitors

Smaller desktop monitors can also be used “close up” to viewers that are standing at a check-out area.

As long as the monitor has a resolution of 1080p and HDMI input, it can be added to our digital billboard network.

Where to Purchase Displays

There are several online and local vendors where you can acquire the digital displays you need.  We have compiled a detailed list of these resources to help guide you in the right direction.

We typically recommend Vizio and LG displays as the most cost-effective and reliable brands.  The device frames are also very thin and discreet along all sides. The links below will focus on Vizio displays.

Local Pick-Up

The following vendors are useful if you want to locate items online and pick them up in person.


  • MicroCenter
    • Superb electronics store on Powers Ferry Rd in Marietta and another location in Duluth.  Excellent return policy.  Products are linked to their available in-store inventory.  Reserve items online and the staff with have everything waiting for you at checkout.
    • Looking for a smaller desktop monitor?  MicrocCenter has a recommended HP Model that supports 1080p and HDMI.
  • Walmart and Best Buy
    • Store inventory is linked to their website.  Look for the “Free Pickup Today” option when browsing their products.
  • Costco
    • Store inventory is not linked to their website.  In-store prices are usually a little lower but stock changes all the time.

Online Delivery

What can be easier than online ordering and having your displays delivered straight to your door?


  • Amazon
    • If you have Amazon Prime, the quick 2-day shipping can be very appealing.
  • Costco

Save time! We will get the displays for you!

We can locate, purchase, and bring the monitor displays to you for quick installation and activation!

Ask us for details and we will fast-track your indoor digital billboard installation.

Monitor Mounts

You will also need monitor mounts to install your digital displays. When considering a monitor mount, keep in mind the size of the monitor that the mount can support.  Be sure that the monitor and mount are both the standard VESA style mount. Here are a few examples of popular mounting styles for large displays:


Wall Mounted

Mounting displays on walls can be done in several ways: fixed position, tilting, or even articulated to move the display from the wall or rotate the orientation from landscape to portrait.


Ceiling Mounted

If your available wall space is otherwise filled, a ceiling mounted option might be a great alternative to save space.


Floor Display Stand

Portable displays stands are a great solution for close-up displays that can be moved to different locations around your business as needed.  Floor stands can be used for both landscape and portrait orientations.  Some models come with rollers for easy movement.



Have any questions or comments?  Check our Indoor Digital Billboard FAQ or send us a message!

Need Professional Monitor Mounting?

Let us know if you need a service professional to install your monitor mounts!  We will get you in touch with a local provider.

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