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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor Digital Billboard Advertisers

Can I choose where my ads play?

Absolutely!  You choose the locations and screens where you want to advertise.  Some locations have more than one screen playing.

How long will my ad be displayed?

Ad images are displayed 30 seconds by default.  Longer ad displays are available for a slight premium.  The ads will automatically rotate during the operating hours of the host partner location.

Can I have several ads playing across the network?

Yes!  You can have multiple ads for you business playing at different locations on the network.

How often will my ad run?

Ads typically run every 15 minutes for every location that it is set to play on.

Can I use my ad on social media?

Yes!  We will provide a bonus copy of your ad to post on your social media sites.

Are there any ad guidelines or approvals?

Yes.  Advertisements must meet our content guidelines and terms of service.  All digital ads are individually reviewed and subject to approval by Mythos Media AND the business owner at the digital signage location where the ads are ultimately displayed.

Who designs my ads?

Our design team will create your ad with your images, text, web links, branded colors/fonts, and more. 

If you prefer to design your own ad, we will provide you the image specifications and formatting needed to publish your ad.

Can I make changes to my ads?

Yes!  You can make changes to your advertising at any time.  We can change locations within one business day.  Please contact us and we will take care of everything!

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