Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Tours

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a simulated first-person view of a real world location allowing the visitor to move through the area by viewing a series of 360 degree panoramic images.

Mythos Media creates and publishes virtual tours on Google Street View and our own internal virtual tour engine.

I have plenty of photos on my website. Why do I need a virtual tour?

Here are a few of the top business benefits a virtual tour provides:

  • Traditional 2D photos can look amazing but they do not convey a feeling of actually being there.  A virtual tour gives visitors the ability to explore your business, look around in all directions, and builds a degree of trust.
  • Online visitors seek out virtual tours when looking to learn more about a business.
  • People spend only a few seconds looking at traditional photos.  Virtual tours keep users exploring and engaging with your business for much longer.
  • Businesses with tours published on Google Street View stand out.  Users browsing the local area will discover your tour photo spheres on the map and start exploring your business, helping to convert casual visitors into real-world customers.
  • Local SEO – Virtual tours published on Google provide a direct bump in local search rankings.  Local online visitors looking at local businesses is what Google (and you!) want to maximize.   
  • The virtual tour can easily be inserted into a page on your website and shared on social media without any coding.
  • You are passionate about your business and a virtual tour is an amazing tool to engage potential customers and bring them to your business.
  • Outdated Imagery – Our publishing process ensures that your current storefront imagery is prominently displayed on Google Maps and Street View. 
How much does a virtual tour cost?

The cost of a virtual tour project is based on the final number of published photo spheres you choose to use in your tour.

Tour packages include the on-site photography, post-production editing/enhancements, and publishing to the platforms of your choice.

See our pricing page for project examples.  We can visit your location to determine an estimated number of photo locations to build your tour. 

What features can be included in a virtual tour?

There are a number of image and media enhancement options available, depending on the platform you wish to publish your virtual tour photo spheres on.

  • Google Street View – Your business logo and important contact info (phone, address, web address) can be inserted into the panoramas for an official branded look.
  • Custom Tour Server – We manage our own internal server for virtual tours.  This system enables us to create advanced virtual tours that include many types of multimedia inside the tour itself.  Examples include: Business logos, interactive menus, navigation aids, floor plans, audio backgrounds, video clips, still photographs, links, and more.
How long does it take to take to photograph a virtual tour?

Most retail, restaurants, event spaces, and commercial properties can can take an hour to capture a complete virtual tour.  We do not take shortcuts or compromise on quality.  We keep shooting until we are certain we have the best possible results.

Will customers see my virtual tour on their smartphone?

Yes!  Virtual tours will display on all device screens, including: smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and virtual reality headsets.

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