Virtual Tour On-Site Prep Checklist



Our cameras will record EVERYTHING that a person walking around can see, so your business must be prepped for the on-site recording session in the same way.

Please prepare for our on-site visit by following the checklist below.



✓  Move all vehicles away from the front of your building.  Make sure your staff knows as well!

✓  Make sure the sidewalk, handicap parking, and main entrance are all swept and clean.

✓  Place trash cans and extra loose items out of sight.

✓  Straighten up any outdoor items or furniture.

✓  Remove any signage or items that you do not wish to be displayed in the tour.

✓  Inform all staff members about the on-site recording session and to be out of the working area at all times.



✓  Turn all lights on, including lamps, under counter lights, etc.

✓  Replace all old or burned out bulbs.

✓  Restock any items you sell and stage them accordingly.  Minimize empty shelves!

✓  Remove any seasonal promotions or offers you do not want visible year-round.

✓  Conceal extension cords and unplug them from the wall if needed (except lights).

✓  Turn all televisions and monitors off.

✓  Hide all garbage cans.

✓  Hide all personal photo and items on counter tops.

✓  Remove any extra clutter on desks and counters.



✓  Advise us if there are any secure areas or security elements you wish us to avoid or digitally remove from your tour imagery.



Restaurants, Pubs, and Taverns

✓  Set tables if you would like them staged (both interior and outdoor patios)

✓  For on-site visits scheduled before opening, be sure staff does all prep work the night before.


Please contact us ahead of your scheduled on-site session if you have any preparation questions!



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