How to Post 360° Photos on Facebook

Why Post 360° Photos on Facebook?

Attracting a loyal following on Facebook can be time consuming.  Irregular posts with low interactions are almost invisible to visitors.  Custom video production can be expensive in some cases.  Traditional 2D photos are necessary to build an attractive gallery but visitors will tend to continue scrolling down the page until something really stands out.

360° photos are an amazing attention grabber on Facebook.  As a visitor scrolls through your timeline, a 360° photo will move slightly from left to right.  When the visitor opens the full 360° panorama, they can spend several minutes looking in all camera directions, which dramatically increases the potential for more Likes and Shares.  A regular 2D photo is typically viewed for only a few seconds before the viewer moves on and continues scrolling.

So what’s the good news?  Your virtual tour project includes all of the high quality 360° photos that you can share on your business page!

Mythos Media Virtual Tours - How to Post 360 Photos on Facebook

How to Post 360° Photos on Facebook

Once your 360° virtual tour has been published and linked to your Google Business listing, we will send you a link where you can download an archive (zip file) of all of the 360° photos.  Download the archive file.

Extract or unzip the archived photos to a new folder.

Contact us if your download link has expired or if you need assistance with saving your archive file.

Step 1. Create a New Post

Go to your Facebook business page and start a new post.

Step 2. Upload a 360° Photo

You can either drag/drop the file into the post or click the “Photo/Video” button and select the photo file.

A round 360° icon will be displayed as the photo uploads.

Step 3. Finish Your Post & Share

Add a description, links, emojis, and any hashtags you wish to include.

Select Starting View (optional) – You can change the starting view of the camera by clicking the “Edit 360 Settings” icon on your uploaded photo.  Then move the camera into your desired position and click Save.

When you are ready, click “Share Now” to publish your 360° photo!

Pro Tips

  • Post a single 360° photo per week to spread out your timeline content.
  • Automate your posting with the schedule post feature to set future dates and times.
  • Use the “Boost Post” advertising feature to raise your visibility even higher.  Be sure to target your advertising audience to your local area demographics.

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