Portal Pinball Custom Tour

Below is a custom 360° virtual tour created for Portal Pinball in Acworth, GA.

Trouble viewing the tour frame above?



  •  Enable Audio On or Off to start the tour.  This tour contains multiple custom audio backgrounds.  Use headphones or lower speakers.
  • Click-and-drag the panorama image in any direction to change the camera direction.
  • Click on the animated hotspots to move around the tour.
  • Use the left sidebar to visit the previous tours and other features.

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Custom Tour Media Elements


We included several media elements into this tour to create an accurate virtual arcade experience. 


  • The virtual tour photography was created at the early morning (empty parking lot) and then a second visit after sundown (minimal outdoor light) to accent the darkened arcade atmosphere.
  • Background soundtracks were created for the parking lot and arcade interior.
  • The arcade interior soundtrack is a unique mix of arcade, pinball, and jukebox music to accurately simulate the arcade experience.
  • Main Counter – Clickable hotspots have been added that open the Facebook page and admission prices graphic.
  • Videos have been embedded into the virtual tour over the wall mounted televisions inside the arcade.  The monitor on the wall behind the Daytona USA racing game automatically plays a Fox 5 news interview with the owner of Portal Pinball.  Here is a direct link to the tour spot to see the video.
  • Custom Logo – Look straight down to see the custom logo.  Click the logo to open the Portal Pinball website.

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