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Digital Billboard Advertising

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What Is Digital Billboard Advertising?

Our indoor digital billboards are in use in many locations across metro Atlanta area.

The owners of those locations have the option to allow other local businesses to advertise on their TVs. Our advertisers can choose as many or as few of these locations as they want to. Our advertisers’ ads are then on display at the locations of their choice.

What Are The Benefits?

Local audiences: Unlike online ad campaigns, 100% of the people viewing your ad are physically in the metro Atlanta area.

Select your locations: You select exactly which locations you would like to advertise on.

Rule of 7: Your customers need to see your brand at least 7 times before they will commit to a purchase decision. Get your brand out there in a affordable way.

How Do You Get Started?

1. Contact Us

Get started with a free consultation to discuss your advertising goals, interactive ad features, and desired ad locations.

2. Approval

The business owner at the billboard locations give their approval for your non-competitive advertising on their screens.

3. Quick Quote

You receive an online quote to get your advertising campaign started.

4. Go Live!

We then design your digital ads and deploy them across the network of digital screens.

Which Locations Can You Choose From?

See our indoor digital billboards in action at these fine establishments.  Advertise on these screens today!

Select any map marker for details on the business location, the number of digital screens on display, etc.


Check out our FAQs for more information.



We keep the advertising pricing affordable. Pay only for the locations you wish to advertise at. There is no minimum or maximum.

Ad Examples

See examples of our advertisements. We can create your ad, or if you prefer, your team can create it and you save on the start up cost.

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