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by | Dec 13, 2021 | Digital Signage

Our digital signage media players display content to multiple HDTV screens at the same time!

The media player devices that download, schedule, and play digital signage content were originally setup to display to a single HDTV screen.    One player per screen is the typical industry standard.

We can seamlessly pair multiple screens to a single media player.  Monitors are connected by HDMI cables for up to 150ft.  HDMI over Ethernet options are available for distances up to 300ft.


Key Benefits

    • Cost effective!  Fewer media players to control more screens.  Lower support and maintenance per media player.
    • Greater visibility and engagement to your customers.
    • Synchronized playback!  Multiple monitors display the same content at the same time.


Two 24″ monitors playing synchronized content from a single media player box.

Dual Monitor Ceiling Mount Concept

As an example, a single media player can be easily installed in-between two ceiling mounted monitors facing opposite directions.  

Ceiling mounted displays are ideal to cover more area to your customers. 

A second monitor is an incredibly cost effective option to display the same synchronized content across larger areas.


We manage the beginning-to-end setup strategy to get your digital signage up and running quickly.  If you need HDTV monitors, mounting kits, and installation pros, we’ve got you covered.

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