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May 19, 2020 | Websites

QPS Medicals

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new website for QPS Medicals. QPS Medicals is a wholesaler for medical supplies. They offer discounts for bulk orders, repeat orders and we’ve imported 60,000+ products to their website.

QPS Medicals is a local veteran owned business in Marietta, Georgia.  They serve the needs of the medical, dental, death-care, and industrial markets with expertise spanning the continuum of patient care. Whether you need a box, case, pallet or container of a product, QPS can be your solutions provider.

Under the Hood

The website features a custom eCommerce store on Shopify. For this website, we’ve imported 60,000+ products, 200+ customers, 6 pages, 100 brand pages, and 113 category pages. The product prices are automatically updated nightly from two different sources.

The project involved parsing and massaging a large amount of product and customer information from QPS’s original Sage 50 database. We also linked and tested multiple product variations, migrated customer accounts, and imported the data into the new eCommerce store.

We also identified and published over 400 missing product photos from manufacturers to match the products offered. The website features custom code and functionality to provide pricing data to registered customers, purchase orders, and discounted pricing for specified customer accounts.

The responsive design ensures the website is mobile friendly and adapts to desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile device screens.

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