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May 11, 2021 | 360° Virtual Business Tours, Video Content

When we design and publish your virtual business tour, it becomes discoverable across Google Maps, Street View, and Earth.  The tour can easily be inserted into your official website and the individual panoramas can be posted on your Facebook Business page.

What other marketing advantages can be used to attract more visitors to tour and visit your business?

Showcase your new virtual tour and business with an interactive 360° video!

Interactive Content

YouTube videos can be displayed as full 360° panorama content in ultra high definition quality. 


    • Click and drag the video to move the camera direction around.
    • Mobile devices will use the internal gyroscope.  Users can move their device around to change the view as if they were there.  Mobile users can also tap and drag to control the camera direction as well.

Custom Audio and Soundtracks

We can also record the audible atmosphere at your business location to further bring your virtual tour video to life.

Carefully selected music soundtracks can also be included to match your brand and to avoid any unnecessary copyright claims.

Leverage YouTube and Google Search

YouTube videos contain many elements that connect back to your business and improve your local search visibility.  Here are a few examples that a virtual tour trailer can include:


    • Your business address can be linked to the video, which can result in your business showing up in more results on YouTube and Google search.
    • Important hashtags specific to your products, services, and areas surrounding your location.
    • Links to your important social media pages and website.
Mythos Media 360 Videos - YouTube End Cards

YouTube End Screens

Is your business utilizing a very critical YouTube feature? 

The last twenty sends of a video should always include interactive elements to guide visitors to subscribe to your channel, watch your latest video, or even watch a specific video of your choice.

Need help with your YouTube Channel?  Let us know!  We can get you setup with all the latest features and branding options.

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