Virtual Tour Enhancements

We provide a number of custom tailored enhancements

to dramatically raise your business visibility

and to keep visitors looking at your business even longer


Custom Logo

We can insert your business logo, website address, and contact details into each photo sphere for an official branded look.

Deep Cleaning

Our custom image editing process can include: parking lot asphalt repair, sidewalk crack removal, floor and tile cleaning, and paint touch-ups.

Multi - Level

Virtual tours can be split across specific levels to simulate buildings with multiple floors.

Logo Placement

Custom logos are visible when visitors “look down” inside the 360° photo sphere.

You may have noticed other tours leave behind remnants of a tripod, shadows, reflections, or a distracting blurred prism effect.

Original 360° Photograph

Standard Nadir Image

Client Business Logo


All traces of the tripod, shadows, or any distracting elements are removed.

Custom Logo Examples

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