Virtual Tours – The Pugmire Automotive Group

by | Apr 23, 2019 | 360° Virtual Business Tours

We are very pleased to announce the release of our latest Virtual Tours project: Pugmire Ford & Lincoln!

The Pugmire Automotive Group has three Georgia locations: Cartersville, Carrollton, and Marietta.  The virtual tours showcase the exterior of the buildings, the service department entrances, the showroom interiors, the customer waiting areas.

Google Business Optimization

The virtual tour photography gives a significant enhancement and SEO boost to the Google Business listing that online visitors first see.

Use the slider below to see how the Google Business listing displays before and after our publishing process.

Original View After Publishing

The red box on the lower left in both images is the default Street View action button.

This is what all desktop and mobile users can see when visiting a Google Business listing.

Original View – The default Street View takes visitors to a back alley outside the auto dealership.  The main building is far off in the distance.

After Publishing – The new default Street View now has action buttons for outdoor and indoor 360° panoramic imagery.

Photo Gallery Enhancements

We also published several traditional 2D photos at each location to increase the number of photos with current imagery.  At the same time we removed several outdated or unrelated photos that were not suited for the business gallery at each location.

Explore the Virtual Tours

Visitor stats are automatically updated at the beginning of every month.

Pugmire Ford

Cartersville, Georgia

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Pugmire Ford

Carrollton, Georgia

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Pugmire Lincoln

Marietta, Georgia

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