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Aug 9, 2018 | 360° Virtual Business Tours

The Rotisserie Shop now has their own virtual tour on Google Street View!

The Rotisserie Shop is a family owned and operated restaurant near Town Center in Kennesaw. The owners recently expanded the restaurant into the adjoining suite to offer more relaxed seating for diners.

The virtual tour includes several exterior and interior photo spheres to showcase the restaurant, the new dining area, the patio, and the exterior of the restaurant.



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Street View Roadside Assistance

Like so many locations in Georgia, the most current Google Street View image capture was not ideal.  The last image capture was in May 2016 and a Budweiser semi-truck is partially blocking the view of the restaurant!

We can fix it!

Mythos Media Virtual Tour - The Rotisserie Shop Logo Example

Custom Logo

The official logo for The Rotisserie Shop has been added to the virtual tour photos.

Mythos Media Virtual Tour - The Rotisserie Shop Logo Example

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