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by | Apr 26, 2019 | 360° Virtual Business Tours

Mythos Media Virtual Tours - Portal Pinball Kennesaw, Tiny PlanetWe are very pleased to announce the release of our latest Virtual Tour project: Portal Pinball Arcade in Kennesaw, Georgia!

We published a virtual tour for Portal Pinball in April 2018, which has attracted an incredible 86,000+ visitor views.

The arcade has grown since then, adding new pinball tables and arcade games.  The owner was interested in publishing an updated virtual tour to showcase the latest additions.  We decided to shoot the outdoor photography in the morning and the indoor photo spheres after sunset.  A darkened arcade is a unique experience and the virtual tour should reflect the best possible visuals.  The resulting panorama imagery is amazing!

We created two distinct virtual tours: one published on Google and then a custom virtual tour hosted on our own server.  The image on the right is an outdoor “tiny planet” view of the storefront.

The custom virtual tour includes media elements, such as: audio, video, information hot-spots, analytics, links to external sites, and more!  Visitors can also step back in time and explore Portal Pinball as it was in 2018.

The virtual tours begin in the parking lot, into the entrance, and then throughout the interior to see (and hear!) all the pinball tables and arcade machines.

Custom Logo

A new custom logo was created and inserted into each indoor photo sphere for an official branded look.

Explore the Virtual Tour on Google Street View

Visitor stats are automatically updated at the beginning of every month.

Portal Pinball Arcade

Kennesaw, Georgia

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Publishing an updated virtual tour on Google resets the visitor stats on the business listing, however we continue to track cumulative visitor traffic to give clients uninterrupted visibility.

The new virtual tour at Portal Pinball was published on April 19th and within seven days has already attracted over 4,700+ visitor views.  

Could your business use an additional 670+ views per day?

Explore the Custom Virtual Tour

Click the image below to load the tour.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to switch tour years and change other settings.  Right-click anywhere on the screen to access the context control menu.

Custom Virtual Tour Features


The top feature added to the Portal Pinball virtual tour is the custom background soundtrack.  An arcade MUST sound like an arcade!

Two videos are added that will play over the wall mounted monitors when a visitor moves into the closest photo sphere. 

Here is a summary of other interactive features inside the tour:

  • Splash Screen – The business logo is displayed and waits for the visitor to enter the tour before playing audio and displaying control buttons.
  • Control Bar Buttons – These buttons allow the user to control certain features inside the tour.
    • Switch between the 2019 and 2018 virtual tours.
    • Home – Return to the starting point.
    • VR Mode – Visitors can switch to VR mode if supported on their mobile device.
    • Mute/Play Audio, Pause/Play Video
    • Social Media Share, Full Screen Mode, Help, and Hide Control Bar.
  • Right-Click Menu – Portal Pinball’s website link is included with image viewing settings.
  • Floating Custom Logo – The logo placed at the bottom of the tour photos remains in the same orientation and floating above the floor.  Clicking the logo opens the Portal Pinball website.

Under the hood features:

  • Virtual tour is hosted on our incredibly fast Google Cloud server.
  • SSL encryption is activated for security.
  • Google Analytics to track and review visitor engagement.

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