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by | Jan 11, 2019 | Street View

We are very excited to announce that Mythos Media is now providing Google Street View recording and publishing services for local businesses!

What Is Street View?

Street View is the massively popular Google Maps technology where people can explore full 360° panoramic views along streets and sidewalks around the world.

The panoramic views were originally created by the famous Google Street View Cars, then extended to Google Street View backpacks.  Google now allows a small group of highly trusted professionals to record and publish Street View content.

Mythos Media is part of that small exclusive group.  We are officially certified by Google to create and publish new panorama content on Street View.  We can also replace existing and outdated content!

Anyone around the world can view Street View images, and many people use it daily to learn more about local businesses.  Google Maps displays the locations where Street View panoramas are available with blue lines overlaying the map.

Virtual Tours on Street View are a connected but separate experience and  displayed as blue dots on the map. 

Below is an example of how Street View lines are displayed.

The map of Marietta is an example of where Street View panoramas can be explored.

Slide the bar right-to-left to see where Street View is activated.

Crouching Business, Hidden Storefront

Google does not record every residential street, parking lot, commercial property, or business park.  In some cases, the closest Street View may be too far away or your location could be completely obscured by dense trees.  In other cases the imagery may have been recorded up to ten years ago, or your location may look very different now.


A few elements every business owner and property manager should verify: 

  • Does your Google My Business listing have a Street View button connection and accurate panoramas displayed?
  • Can visitors easily see your facility, signage, guest parking, and front door?
  • Does Street View on the main road enter and extend throughout your entire business park, commercial, or residential property?


When customers have a hard time finding your business, they can leave behind frustrated reviews.

Contact us today if you are unsure how Street View and your business are currently working together.  We will provide you a free review and recommendations.

Is Your Business Easy to Find?

See how Mythos Media resolves common Street View issues and moves your business ahead of the competition!

Mythos Media is officially certified by Google as a trusted professional
by exceeding Google’s standards of high quality
digital content contributions.

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