It is now possible to send SMS Notifications (or Text Messages) to your Progressive Web App users!


What are SMS Notifications?

SMS Notifications Icon

SMS stands for Short Message Service, more commonly referred to as “text messaging”.

No matter what device your customers may be using (Android, iPhone, tablet, laptop, or desktop), they have the option to subscribe to SMS notifications.

Once verified, the messages will be received on their mobile phone.

SMS Notifications are a great communication channel in addition to Push Notifications for reaching your customers and capturing their attention.

How Do SMS Notifications Work?

When a user views your PWA for the first time, a pop-up will ask the user for permission to send text notifications.

If the user accepts, the user will validate their phone number and receive a welcome text.

Your customers can opt-out of SMS notifications at any time by replying “stop” to the last message.  If the customer wishes to re-subscribe, they simply reply with “start”.

How Much Do SMS Notifications Cost?

The SMS Notification system is an optional free add-on that can be included in your Progressive Web App.

The cost of sending a message via SMS is based on a credit system that is linked to the recipient’s location.  As an example: SMS Notifications sent to recipients in the USA = 1 credit, to the UK = 5 credits, and to France = 10.


Your app receives 500 free SMS credits every month!

Additional credits can be purchased for $3.50 to add 500 more credits.


There is no geographical limit on where your Progressive Web App can be used.  You could potentially have users all over the world asking to sign up to receive SMS notifications.

Your app project’s administration panel manages the credit distribution costs based on the country receiving the SMS.

90% of people read text messages within the first 3 minutes!

How Do I Send SMS Notifications?

SMS Notifications are sent from your app project’s control panel.  You will be able to write and send directly to your subscribers.  The SMS message can be up to 140 characters in length.

The number of recipients is also displayed and one text will be sent to each recipient.


How Many SMS Credits Will Be Used?

Before sending a new SMS notification, the estimated number of credits that will be used will be displayed on your control panel.  This calculation is based on the number of recipients and the countries associated with the phone numbers.

As an example for a business owner focusing on their local customers here in the United States: If you have 100 PWA users that have opted-in to your SMS messages, you could easily send up to 5 messages a month.

SMS Notifications and Push Notifications are two separate messaging systems, which means business owners get a great additional line of communication to their fans and customers.


Please contact us if you are interested in your own Progressive Web App with SMS Notifications for your business!