Mobile App Marketing Materials

Marketing Asset Features

Launching your official mobile app is exciting and we work with you to ensure maximum customer engagement.

Before your mobile app is launched, we will help prepare announcements on your website and social media pages.

To promote your mobile app at your place of business, we also create customized printed marketing materials to get the attention of your customers!

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Your Branded Design

Custom designed assets with your business logos, pictures, colors, app screenshot, and marketplace icon.

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App Capabilities

The top capabilities and features of your mobile app are detailed to get your customers interested.

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QR Code

Customers scan the QR code with their smartphones to install your mobile app within seconds.

Popular Marketing Materials

Table Tents

Table Tents in businesses are a useful form of promotional assets and a great way to increase the amount of downloads for your mobile app. Customers are more inclined to read promotions when they are waiting for their food or service, so it is a great time to get them to download your new mobile app!

Drink Coasters

Customized coasters with information about your app and your custom QR code will make downloading easy for your customers. They are a great way to strengthen the visibility of your new mobile app.

Pager Stickers

What better time to market your new app to your loyal customers then when they are sitting and waiting for a table. Include beeper stickers, with your restaurant’s custom QR code to encourage your customers to download your app. They can browse the app and your menu while they wait!

Promotional Postcards

Promotional Postcards are a great way to inform your customers about your new mobile app. Postcards provide a little more space for additional information. You can use postcards for table promotions, menu inserts, reception desks, handouts at checkout, and other avenues. You could even send them as a direct mailer to reach your loyal customers at home!

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