We create unique rewards programs for your customers to keep them coming back for more.

How Does It Work?

Customers collect points through your mobile app on a rewards card system.  When your customers make a purchase, visit your business, or share their visit on social media, they earn points on the card.  You reward them with a gift of your choice once the card is completed.


Designing Your Rewards Program

We start by helping you choose a unique card design, point system, and customize everything to suit your business brand.  You choose the gift for completing the rewards card and the expiration.

You can select the type of point validation process through a purchase (scan a QR code), a manual location check-in, or by social media sharing — which is a fantastic method to leverage customer power in your marketing strategy.


Point Validation

Our rewards card system provides three flexible validation options.


Scan QR Code

Customer purchases an item or service from your business.  You present a QR code to scan.  Customer gets a point on their rewards card!


Location Check-In

Customer enters your business and qualifies for a check-in.  Customer’s rewards card can be stamped!


Social Media Sharing

You select the social media link to be shared.  Customer shares your social media page and gets a point!


Offer a Gift

When your customer completes their rewards card, a customized gift is offered.


Energize Your Customers

Additional rewards can be sent to your app customers to keep them returning to your business.

Welcoming a new user into your app, increasing traffic during slow hours, inviting clients to visit you when they’re in the neighborhood, they are all powerful incentives to drive more business your way.



Rewards Program Statistics

Track the results of your loyalty campaigns and maximize profits by reviewing valuable analytics.

Measure your efforts, identify the highest performing and cost-effective campaigns, and adapt your future rewards campaigns accordingly.


Loyalty Program Updates

Alterations and adjustments to your loyalty program can be made at any time without forcing your customers to download another app update.