Bakery and Coffee Shop Apps

Place Your Business in Your Customer’s Pocket

Mobile Apps are very powerful platforms that enable a wide range of features to aid your customer experience and interaction with your bakery or coffee shop.

With a mobile app, you are placing your business right in your customer’s purse or pocket, ready to provide the information they are seeking, and creates a direct line of communication to your customers.

Your customers will love being able to browse your baked goods, make special orders from their phone, receive digital coupons, stamp their rewards card, or just simply contact you at the tap of a button.

Explore the Bakery and Coffee Shop Progressive Web App (PWA) navigation and features on the right.

To launch the app on your smartphone or tablet, enter the following URL in your web browser:

To explore the Bakery and Coffee Shop Progressive Web App (PWA) navigation and features, tap the image below.

The Bakery and Coffee Shop App

Learn more about our mobile capabilities and features that can be used within your app.

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Unique App Design

Your mobile app is custom built to match your bakery or coffee shop branding.

We provide countless design options and work closely with you to ensure your mobile app is an extension of your brand.

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Promote your baked goods and coffee selection from within your mobile app.

List an unlimited number of products and categories. Each product listing can include images, descriptions, price, embedded video, and other attributes.

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Special Orders

Do you deliver special orders to local businesses?

Give your customers the ability to easily send a special order request for their next big meeting or conference all from within your app.

Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs have been proven to increase repeat customers by over 60%.

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Rewards Card

Leave old fashioned paper stamp cards behind with mobile rewards.

Reward your customers and increase repeat visits. Customers earn points for purchases, visiting your location, or sharing your business on social media. Determine the number of points and the reward gift.

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Club Card

Reward your most loyal customer with VIP perks.

Customers that earn the most rewards card points can enter a VIP club for exclusive benefits.  Choose from three different levels of perks to suit your business services.

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Offer digital coupons to your mobile app users to increase customer visits and sales.

Delivering discount coupons to your clients has never been easier. Users can access all available coupons, save them for a later use or redeem them at once.

Customer Messaging

Your mobile app has the ability to send many different types of messages directly to your customers.

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Push Notifications

The most powerful customer engagement tool available. Send special offers, your latest updates, or other information direct to your customers instantly using Push Notifications.

Users open almost 97% of push notifications, while the open rate of e-mailers are 10-15%.

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Send automated messages to your app users when they enter, remain, or leave specific geographical locations.

Create a virtual fence around your business and notify customers of specials when they are nearby.

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SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications, also known as “text messages”, can be sent to your customer smartphones.  Your customers can subscribe to SMS notifications from any device.

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Beacons are small physical devices that use Bluetooth signals to trigger automatic messages when an app user approaches the device. Beacons are a fantastic way for retailers to promote products and services within the walls of their business.

More Mobile Muscle

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Constant Contact

Your mobile app is your modern digital business card and so much more.

Your clients can contact you directly from within your mobile app when they need you without having to remember your number, email, or even your address. Action buttons enable one-touch calls, email, or even launching your main website.

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Map Navigation

Step-by-Step instant navigation straight to your doorstep.

Map locations can include detailed information, call button, photos, videos, web links, and more.

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Social Media

Increase sales, customer traffic, and reviews using interconnected social media. Get people to share your app and make it easy for your customers to spread the word about your business directly from their mobile devices.

Include popular social media pages, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

Integrate your Yelp business page to promote even more rave reviews.

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Customer Reviews

Attract new customers with your best customer reviews.

Increase your positive reviews by soliciting feedback and social media shares from your recent customers that visit your business.

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SSL Encryption

Your customer’s app traffic and your administration tools are encrypted and protected.

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Regular Updates

Mythos Media gives you the freedom to make unlimited updates to keep your mobile app refreshingly current, vibrant, and engaging. Many updates can be made that will be immediately viewable to your customers and do not require an app store update download.

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