Local businesses focusing on their competitive edge are expanding into the world of mobile apps.  A mobile-friendly website is no longer the only option to stay ahead of your competitors.  Boosting your bottom line with an affordable mobile app solution is now within reach for both large and small businesses.

Here are a few examples of the top benefits local business owners can gain from with their own mobile app.


Location Based Marketing

With Geofencing and Beacon technology, businesses have the ability to quickly engage their local customers within specific nearby locations.  Business owners can send special offers to their customers who live in a close proximity to their establishment.  Business owners save money on their marketing strategy by focusing on customers who are nearby and not the ones that live outside of their target areas.  Many businesses end up saving money on marketing this way because they use less resources on advertising materials and postage that target customers outside their vicinity.


Customer Loyalty

One of the top features that business owners can include in their mobile app is customer loyalty rewards.  App customers can access exclusive specials and time-sensitive bonuses by collecting points for a purchase, visiting your location, or even sharing your social media pages to their followers.  By keeping your customers feeling valued and appreciated, the rewards program will result in increased repeat visits and revenue.


Local Customer Ordering

While mobile apps are available to a global audience, restaurants and other food service businesses benefit greatly from giving their local customers mobile capabilities for call-in or online ordering.  By showcasing your menus within the mobile app, customers on their way home from work can easily choose their meals and call ahead for pickup.  Online ordering through your mobile app can also be integrated with encrypted payment security options and other enhanced features.  Businesses have the flexibility to choose how customers receive their mobile orders, by pickup or local delivery within a specific area.


Reservations, Appointments, and Reminders

A mobile app that helps your customers make reservations or appointments on their smartphone is a great benefit to customers and a time saver to the business owner.  Using in-app forms to gather customer information, business owners can easily streamline the reservations and appointment process.  Confirmation messages can be saved as smartphone reminders or alerts.


Sell Gift Certificates

Businesses have even more opportunities to promote and sell gift certificates through their mobile app.  Using push notifications ahead of holidays or special promotions, businesses can increase the availability of their easily obtainable gift certificates.  Customers can purchase gift certificates directly through the mobile app and request delivery through the mail to themselves or to the intended gift recipient.


Customer Service

Mobile apps also help small business owners better help their customers.  A robust and trusted reputation is critical and an app can help business owners access customer feedback from anywhere and at anytime.


Reach New Customers

A mobile app can greatly increase your reach to more local customers.  New customers can not only discover and learn about your business for the very first time, but most importantly they can directly interact with your business!


Local businesses owners have the ability to tap into the affordable power of the mobile marketing world with their products and services.  Business owners can benefit from providing customers with a productive and entertaining mobile experience that seamlessly integrates into their brand.


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