mythos media - awesome rocket farms logoWe are very pleased to introduce the Awesome Rocket Farms mobile app.

Awesome Rocket is a family owned and operated farm located in Tallapoosa, Georgia and will soon be opening to the public.  The owners wanted a way to launch their online presence to grow a following within the local community.

The Progressive Web App is the perfect marketing solution to meet these needs.  The PWA showcases the story behind the farm and provides space for the farms products and activities.  Events in Tallapoosa are also included to increase local interest and repeat visits.  A newsletter subscription at the bottom of the home screen allows users to register.  The addresses are then imported to Awesome Rocket Farm’s newsletter.

Just before Awesome Rocket Farm’s grand opening, new content, media, map navigation, online ordering and more will be activated and instantly available to all users.  All without requiring users to download an update from an app store!

You can explore the Awesome Rocket Farms mobile app below.


Tap the button below to launch the PWA


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