Health and beauty professionals are increasingly leveraging mobile apps into their marketing strategy as a way to better connect with customers and boost their businesses.  Hair salons, barbershops, and health spa owners that have their own mobile app can attract more clients, book more appointments, and ultimately increase revenues.

Here are just a few of our favorite mobile features:


Online Reservations

Clients can use your app and book appointments directly to your calendar.  They can browse available openings and request appointments easily.  This saves you and your staff time on the phone and makes it incredibly convenient for your clients to book appointments.

We can also integrate your own online reservation system, we can integrate it directly into your salon mobile app.


Appointment Reminders

You can send clients appointment reminders through your mobile app with push notifications to help minimise missed appointments.  Secure more frequent appointments with proactive notifications to clients that may have gone too long between appointments or those that might visit another establishment.


Rewards Programs

A rewards program allows you to offer a mobile customer loyalty perks, such as: buy ten haircuts, get one free, etc.  As the salon owner, you will not need to print up paper cards or spend time manually tracking anything.  The entire rewards program is managed through your mobile app.  You choose how clients earn points: when they purchase services, checkin to your business location, or share your business on social media.


Photo Gallery

Include photo galleries in your mobile app so clients can browse your best work and select specific haircuts.  Use multiple photo galleries to categorize examples of your salon services: hair styles, coloring examples, men’s beard trimming styles, henna tattoos, etc.


Client Photos

Your salon app can also include a User Generated Content feature where clients can submit their own photos to you.  This is great for promoting your own collection of client photos for testimonials and advertising.  If a client does not remember what style they had last year but wants the same thing, you could have a saved client photo at the ready.


Special Offers

Push Notifications allow you to leverage special promotions, events, and offers directly to your app users.  You can proactively increase visibility and interest to minimize down time and increase revenue.



Your salon app can make client referrals easy.  With a single tap, an app user can share and post to a social media account on Facebook, Yelp, or Twitter about their experience with your business. This allows you to organically expand your network of existing customers and positive reviews.


Product Sales

Open new revenue streams by giving your clients the ability to browse your products through your mobile app.


Mobile apps for health and beauty specialists have many benefits with minimal costs and give you a competitive edge to expand your clients, referrals, and positive reviews.  Relying on old-fashioned advertising techniques and word of mouth is not enough to rise above your competition.


Explore our Salon Demonstration App

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We specialize in building mobile apps for health and beauty professionals.  We create high quality apps for your business at an affordable price providing you with the complete cutting edge mobile solution to grow your business.

Your App will be fully customized to match your brand, with features that will make your app relevant, engaging, and valuable so your clients will come back to your app again and again.

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