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Is your website running at the best possible speed, performance, and security?  Are you sure?  Is your business listing fully optimized on Google to ensure the best possible ranking and customer engagement?  Have you checked?  Do customers complain about not being able to find your business location on their maps app?

We can help with a comprehensive analysis of your website and Google business presence for maximum customer engagement.

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  • Is your hosting provider giving you the best service or forcing you to share resources with hundreds of other websites?
  • How well does your website rank in performance?
  • Is your website software outdated and vulnerable to exploits?
  • Is your website encrypting all traffic for security?
  • Is your website using the best possible SEO practices for superior ranking?
  • Are your customers able to easily use your website on smartphones and tablets?
  • How is your business represented on the world’s top search engine?
  • Have you taken full control of your official Google My Business listing?
  • Is your business information accurate?  Are your customer uploaded photos curated properly?
  • Are you using all the best Google features to rank far above the competition?
  • How is your business location displayed on Google Street View?
  • Is Street View imagery linked to your Google business listing?
  • Is the panorama imagery current or outdated?
  • Is your storefront, entrance, and guest parking clearly visible?
  • Are your customers able to easily find and arrive at your business on the very first visit?
  • Do customers complain or leave negative reviews that they could not find your business?  Did their map app tell them to go across the street or down the road?
  • Is your business location accurately represented on: Google, Apple, Bing, Waze, MapQuest, TomTom, and other navigation platforms?

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Analysis results are typically completed within two business days.  A business with more than three locations will take additional time.